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Eligibility Criteria

The following can apply for Incubation under:(Criteria I)

1.1.1 Faculties (current and retired) including adjunct faculty from Universities/ Research Institutes of Gujarat & India

1.1.2 Students, Research scholars and current project staff from Universities/ Research Institutes of Gujarat & India

1.1.3 Alumni of GTU

1.1.4 Not for profit -Startup companies wanting to be entrepreneurs

1.1.5 For profit organization: Existing entrepreneurs/Business group & grant supported

1.1.6 Indigenous micro & /or small companies or Industry associations

1.1.7 Students/Applicants supported or enrolled under any programme alike MBA (IVE) or any other managed by the University, GTU innovation Council or Design Innovation Center

Further, the Proposals should have the following parameters to be eligible: (Criteria II)

1.2.1 The proposal of abide nature & should confine with thrust area & objective of AIC-GISC Foundation

1.2.2 Proposals with viable Innovative & technology based idea with clear market validation, value addition must be proposed if similar product/technology exist in market

1.2.3 Proposals supported by any of GOI (central/state) initiatives, where incubation center support is requirement.

1.2.4 Not for profit -Startup companies wanting to be entrepreneurs

1.2.5 Proposals related to students enrolled in programmes supported or run by GTU or GTU Innovation Council

Applicants should fulfill any of the Sub-Criteria’s of the Criteria – I & must fulfill all Sub criteria’s of Criteria II as mentioned above. Any other category, shall be automatically considered as Indigenous Micro & / or small companies subject to approval of Screening cum Recommending committee. Such category are eligible provided the project be Innovative. However, the preference will be given to start ups, in case the lab space is a constraint.

Selection Criteria


Shared Resources

1. GTU Innovation Council : http://incubator.gtu.ac.in/

2. GTU Innovation Council : http://incubator.gtu.ac.in/dic-2/

3. GTU IPR Cell : http://incubator.gtu.ac.in/ipr/